3rd of June, 2011

Thank you Lord, glory be to your holy name, thank you savior, let’s just go ahead and praise Him, magnify his holy name, praise him, praise the King of king, praise the Lord of Lords, magnify his holy name, he is worthy to be praised, he is worthy to be adored. Bless his holy name, worship the King of kings and the Lord of Lords, worship the ancient of days, magnify him, and praise him.

There is no one like him, he is the Almighty, he is the ancient of days, he is greater than the greatest, he is better than the best. Praise him, lift him high, he is great, he is wonderful, he is great he is wonderful, he is kind, glorious, powerful, and holy, magnify his holy name.

There is no one like him. Thank you my father, glory be to your holy name. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord, blessed be your name Lord, be glorified forever, and thank you so much… in Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

Now I want you to lift your voice to him and say father, please show your almightiness in my life tonight… thank you father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
Lift your voice to him and say father, every day of this month, give me a pleasant surprise… in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

You are the mighty God, the great I am, halleluiah, halleluiah!
You are the mighty God, the great I am, halleluiah, halleluiah!
You are the mighty God, the great I am, halleluiah, halleluiah!

Almighty God, the creator of the heaven and the earth, the possessor of the earth, the joy of the whole universe, the beginning of all beginnings, the ending of all endings, the most high, the Almighty, the one who is greater than the greatest, older than the oldest, richer than the richest, wiser than the wisest, glory be to your holy name, father, glory be to your holy name, accept our worship in Jesus name. Tonight in all our lives, please show your greatness, show our power, show your love, show your kindness, show your mercy, and show your faithfulness. Like never before visit your children tonight, at the end of everything let your name be glorified. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Amen, let someone shout halleluiah!

Psalm 91v1 he that dwelt in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. How great is our God? Ecclesiastes 5 v 8 tells us that he is greater than the greatest and according to Daniel 4 v 34-35, compare to our God, every other person on earth is as nothing. When we talk about greatness, the bible have various ways of illustrating what greatness is all about; when it is talking about greatness it is talking about size. He was talking for example in Genesis, that the greater light to rule the day, the lesser light to rule the night.

When he was trying to tell us how great Goliath was, he described the helmet, the shield, the spear, how big, how wide. so how great is our God, let’s consider his size; nobody has ever seen God, but the bible tells us a little bit about his size, how long are his legs; he sits in heaven, his leg, his feet touches the earth. According to Isaiah 66 v 1 heaven his is stool, the earth is hi footstool that tells you how long his leg are. The bible tells us His arms are everlasting harm, his arms are so long, they are everlastingly long. His ears are so big, that when the whole world is praying at the same time, he can hear all of us. Psalm 65 v 2 says you that hear that hears prayers, unto you shall all flesh come.

So when we are talking about how great our God and we consider his stature, we can’t describe how big his head is, but we know how big his ears are; we know how long his leg are, we know how long his arm are. When we talk about greatness, the bible also refers to greatness in terms of power. In Exodus 18 v 11 the bible talks about hour God greater than all gods. Here he is telling us that he has all power more than all God put together, as a matter of fact in Psalm 62 v 11 he said God has spoken once, twice have I heard this that power belong to God. How powerful is our God? He is so powerful that according to Matthew 3 v 9 he said he is so powerful; he can even produce children out of stones.

When we talk about greatness, the bible also try to give us a hint concerning wealth; he talks about the woman of Shunem, In 2 king4 v 8-17 he talks about the great woman of Shunem, this great woman was wealthy. How wealthy is our God? Gen. 14 v 19 calls him the possessor of heaven and the earth, everything you can see in heaven or on earth they all belong to him, he so great that he said silver is mine, gold is mine, bible tells us that the street in his city are paved with Gold. He is so great that according to Philippians 4 v 19 he said my God shall supply all your need according to your riches in glory.

The first time I travel by air, from here to sierra Leon, it was during the day time, and I was seating by the window of the plane, and I was looking at the face of the window, and ai was seeing the town and villages in addition to oceans and God began to speak to me, he said Son looked down, in all these villages, in all these town, there are not only people, there are domestic animals, they are birds of all kind, look into the ocean, there are all kinds fish and all other creatures, he said do you know that I feed them all. He said never again must you doubt that I will provide for you.
And I want to assure somebody here today, no matter how difficult your financial situation, My God will take care of you.

When we talk about greatness, we are also talking about influence. When talking about the woman of Shunem, the Almighty God record for us that when the Prophet was asking this woman, what do you want me to do for you? You want me to give you a recommendation to the king, or the commander of chief of the armed forces, the woman said I don’t need assistance in that direction. The great woman is a woman of influence. How great is our God? According to Philippians 2 v 9-11
Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said all the tubes that are blocked have been reopen.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said your business will soon move from walking to leaping.

He Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said from now on, I will see to it that you get adequate rewards for your labors.

Now you see what happen when you praise God, when you praise God he speaks.
The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he asks me to tell you, he ask me to tell you welcome to a new phase of joy.

The Lord said there is someone tonight; he said your new year begins today.
The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said for a long time to come; your song will be how grate is my God.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said your raining season will be far, far, longer than your dry season.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I will shorten your night so that your sun can rise sooner.

I was saying in Philippians 2 v 9 – 11 it shows that our God have influence in heaven, influence on earth, influence under the earth. He has influence over the wind; he has influence over the sea. The Bible says in Mark 4 v 41 he said what manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him. He has influence over fire. He can turn the fiery furnace to an air condition room.

How great is our God, he can solve any problem, just by speaking a word, he will speak a word to you tonight and your life will never be the same again.

When we talk about greatness, we talk about achievement, what are the things he had already done. When we say somebody is great scholars; we are talking about how many papers he had already writing. When we talk about a great warrior, we are talking about how many battles he has fought and won. What make someone great could be linked to his achievements.

In Exodus 14 v 21 – 28 He opened the red sea, he made a way where there is no one, he drown the enemy of his nation in just one night. He said to them, the enemy you see tonight you will never see them again. He’s done it before, he will do it again, in Exodus 17 v 1- 6 he brought water out of the rock; He produce something out of nothing. He brought satisfaction in an angle you cannot expect, he has done it before, he will do it again. He raised the dead, after he’s been in the grave for four days. He reversed the irreversible, he made the impossible, possible, he silence mockers, he showed that when he speaks even the dead can hear him and receives new life. How great is our God, he has done it before and he is going to do it again tonight.

He says he wants to answer prayer tonight, so am going to get out of is way very soon, but before we go to pray, his love is great, bible says in John 15 v 13 he said greater love have no man than this, that a man laid down his life for his friends. His mercy is great; the bible says as high as heaven is above the earth so is his mercy to those who fear him, his faithfulness is great, he said even if you don’t believe hi, he remain faithful because he cannot deny himself, let me just add this one before I get out of the way; his anger is also great. Hebrew 12 v 21 says our God is a consuming fire, so when he stretches forth his arm of love and you disregard it, when he says he wants to be merciful and you tell him to mind himself, when he says I want to help you and you say I don’t need your help.

The moment he turned his back, there is very little you can do again.

How great is our God? When he breathes, a way can be opened in the red sea, when he touches the mountain; mountains begin to melt. If he should touch your head in anger, there will be nothing that will be left. That is why I want to appeal to those of you that are here tonight, that have not given your life to Christ, I don’t want you to delay those of us who want to pray because he says ‘I want to answer prayer tonight’.

If you are in this auditorium now and you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, am going to give you only two minute to get to the front here, after two minutes and you are not already standing before me. we will go ahead, if you don’t believe that God is great, he has various ways of showing his greatness; he can show it in a positive way, he can show it in a negative way, but if you come to him, His love is available now, his mercy is available now, his pardon is available now.

Even thought he is the consuming fire, if you come to him now, he will overlook whatever you have done, he will save your soul and give you a brand new beginning, so if you want to give your life to him come now...

Those of you in the front, call on this great God, ask him to be merciful unto you, save your soul, ask him to forgive all your sin, promise him that from now on you will serve him, ask him to be your savior and your Lord, talk to him now. The rest of us, lets stretch your arm towards these people and pray for them, that the great savior will include them in his salvation now, let’s pray for them…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior I want to thank you for your word, I want to thank you for your promise that you want to answer prayer tonight, thank you for these people who have already come forward, everyone of them please receive in Jesus name, forgive in Jesus name, wipe away all their sins with your blood in Jesus name, save their souls tonight in Jesus name, please write their names in the book of life in Jesus name, from now on in every facet of their lives, show your greatness in Jesus name, and the grace to serve you till the end release to them in Jesus name.

Thank you Almighty God in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen)

Prayer point,
1. Let’s praise him one more time for his greatness.
2. Father, since you can hear all, please hears me tonight.
3. Show your greatness in my life tonight.
4. Then add your own prayer point to the one I have given you.

…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Because God can hear all, he will hear you tonight, because he can do all things, he will do yours tonight, every impossibility in your life will become possible tonight; he will reverse the irreversible for you tonight. Because he can meet all needs;
he will meet all your needs tonight in Jesus name. He will meet your physical needs, he will meet material needs, he will meet your marital needs, he will meet your spiritual needs.

Because he is stronger than the strongest, he will deal with all your enemies tonight in Jesus name.

All those who say you will not reach your goal; he will put them to shame in Jesus name. Because he is an unchangeable Lord, what he has done for others, he will do for you in Jesus name. Your testimonies will be mighty in Jesus name. In every facet of your life, he will show his greatness tonight in Jesus name. This will be the beginning of your joy, all your requests will become testimonies, it is well with you, so shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye


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