6th of May, 2011

Now let’s lift our Hands to the Almighty God and begin to bless his holy name. Let’s worship the Lord of lords, bless his holy name.

Lift your voice to him and say, Father, in this month of grace, please be gracious unto me, let me find grace with you… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed,
Lift your voice to him and say father, help of the helpless, please help me… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Say Father, you are my hope of glory, let my future be glorious… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed, Say Father, shepherd of the sheep, let goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed,

Supporter, Jesus is my supporter, halleluiah, Jesus is my supporter.
Jesus is my supporter, Jesus is my supporter, Jesus is my supporter
I am not afraid
Jesus is my Supporter, Jesus is my supporter, halleluiah, Jesus is my supporter.
Jesus is my supporter, Jesus is my supporter, Jesus is my supporter
I am not afraid(worship)

Eternal rock of ages, the supporter of all the helpless, the father of the fatherless, the husband of the widow. The lifter up of the head of those who are pushed down, the great provider, the rock of ages, the great defender. The great deliverer, the king of glory, the Lord, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord who has not lost a battle, the I am that I am, the one who never grows old.
Glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, father thank you for April. That we survived April, we know we will survive the rest of the year. Accept our thanks in Jesus name.

Thank you for May, thank you for the month of grace. Accept our worship in Jesus name.
Tonight we need your help, we need your assistance. Please help us in Jesus name. Individually, every family, ever ministry, every church, every nation send help to us in Jesus name.

By the time this night is over, let it be said of us, God has really helped you, so let it be in Jesus name.

Tonight father, save souls, heal the sick, set the captives free, glorify your holy name, at the end of everything, let us be able to praise you again in Jesus mighty name we have prayed (amen)
Let somebody shout halleluiah!

Isaiah 41 v 10 – 13 this is one of the passage in the bible, that was written specifically for me, its “says fear not, for I am with thee, be not dismay for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee, yes I will help thee, yes I will uphold thee with my right hand of righteousness. Behold all those who are incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded and be as nothing, and those that strive with thee shall perish. Thou shall seek them and shall not find them, even them that contended with thee, they that war against you as nothing.

For I the Lord they God will hold your right hand saying unto thee fear not I will help thee.
We want t talk about DIVINE ASSISTANCE, two words here: divine and assistance. Divine means that which is of God, so who is God? Genesis 1 v 1 says in the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. So who is God? The creator of the heaven and the earth.

John1 v 1 – 3 says in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God. And in verse 3 he says by him were all things created. So who is God? He is the creator of all things. Psalm 91 v 1 he says he that dwelt in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. So who is God? The most high, the Almighty.

Who is God? Jeremiah 32 v 27 he said I am the Lord God of all flesh, is anything too hard for me. So who is God; The God of all flesh, the one with whom nothing shall be impossible. Who is God; Genesis 14 v 18 – 19 calls him the possessor of heaven and the earth. So I can go on and on and on. At least you will have a rough idea of the God am talking about.

So when you hear somebody else says he is God, ask him, are you the creator of heaven and earth? Are you the creator of all things? Are you the most high? Are you the Almighty? Is there anything you can’t do at all? Are you the possessor of heaven and earth? If he cannot answer this question, then you will know he is not God.

What is assistance? Basically when we talk about assistance, we mean that someone uses what he has to augment what is lacking in another, so that a purpose can be achieved. For example, you want to go to college, you are brilliant, you have passed the exam, but you have no money, so you turned to somebody who has money to give you financial assistance, so that you can end up becoming a graduate. So when we talk about divine assistance, we are saying God makes available all that he has available to you so that you can achieve any purpose in life.

That is why Paul said in Philippians 4 v 13, he said I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me, in other words, anything that I want to and I don’t have the strength to do it, I can call on Christ to give me assistance and in the text that we read, God made a promise; he said I will help you. He said when I decide to help you, all your enemies will scatter, he said you will search for them and you will not find them.

Now when he says all your enemies will scatter, he is not talking about human enemies alone, he is talking about sickness, he is talking about disease, he is talking about demons, he is talking about bareness, he is talking about retardation. He is talking about everything contrary to your reaching your goal.

That is while I can prophesy to somebody here tonight, by the time the sun rises, you will be celebrated.

Why do we need divine assistance? Occasionally when individual efforts will not be sufficient to yield result. In John 5 v 2 -9 the bible tell us about a man who was by the pool of Bethsaida and he has been there for thirty eight years, trying on his own to be the first to jump into the pool after the angel has troubled the water, so that he can obtain his healing.

He has tried for thirty eight years and has failed, one day he got divine assistance and the problem of thirty eight years vanishes in less than thirty eight seconds and I decree tonight, because somebody is going to receive divine assistance, the problems that have been with you since you were born, will end tonight in Jesus name.

When do we need divine assistance? When specialist cannot even help. In Mark 5 v 25 – 34 the bible tells us about the woman with the issues of blood and for years, she had gone from one doctor to another, instead of getting better, she got worse. The specialist could not help and then she got divine assistance and in less than ten seconds; her problems were over.

In the name that is above every other names, what the specialist said could not be done concerning you, shall be done tonight in Jesus name.

When do we need divine assistance? When there is nothing anyone can do to help us, when there is nothing any human being can do. In John 9 v 1 -7 the bible tell us of a man who was born blind. Not that his eyes were bad, he never had eyes, there was nothing anyone could do to help him, it wasn’t a case of changing the glasses, it wasn’t a case of giving him drugs, it wasn’t the case of operations, there were no eye at all, and Jesus came and give him divine assistance and that which was missing 40 yrs was giving to him in a day. I pray for someone here tonight, that which have been missing in your life, that has not allowed your joy to be full you will get it tonight in Jesus name.

When do we need divine assistance? When the Almighty God needs to go into the future and reverse the irreversible. In Genesis 18 v 9- 14 we heard the story of Sarah, she was ninety years old, she had not menstruated for more than 40 years and yet she wanted a child and she got divine assistance.

The one who said nothing is too hard for him to do and the one that the world thought would die barren began to laugh and kept laughing for the rest of her life.

I prophesy to someone here today, this very night your laughter will begin.

When do we need divine assistance? When the war you are fighting is over whelming.

Thank you Lord, Daddy asked me to tell you that the helper of the helpless is present here tonight.
Mark 5 v 1 – 20 tells us the story of a man who was not tormented by just one demon, six thousand demons were holding him captives, there were was no way that man could be free unless God step in and one word from the Almighty and suddenly freedom came. There might be somebody here tonight, fighting battles from all fronts, I have good news for you, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, freedom will come tonight in Jesus name.

What are the things God will make available to you so that you can achieve your purpose? Number one, his name; his name is available to you to make you achieve the purpose what you want to achieve in Life. In Philippians 2 v 9 -11 the bible say he has a name that is above every other names, that at the name of Jesus, every kneel should bow. Somebody once said, if your problem has a name, it is already defeated, because there is a name that is above every other names, whatever may be your problem, if it has a name, it will bow to the name of Jesus Christ tonight. Is it demons? Mark 16 v 17 he said in my name you will cast out demons. As a matter of fact he said it comprehensively in John 14 v 14 he said if you ask anything in my name, I will do it.

The name is available for you to use at any time to meet any problem, to face any challenges. Some of you remembered the story; one of my daughters was travelling to the east, to serve as a youth corps. She was travelling in a Peugeot station-wagon. In those days they have three seats, the back seats have no door and my daughter was seating at the back seat reading her bible.

The Shagamu Benin road was just declared open then, smooth and wide and the drivers were using it as if it was a race track, they were going at top speed, she was reading her bible. Suddenly one of the front tired puncture and then the car begin to somersaulting.

In a situation like that you need divine assistance. one of the door open and unseen hand carried her out, sat her down by the road side and as she sat down there, she saw the car rolling, as if in slow motion somersaulting the first time, the second time , the third time and the fourth time, nobody survived.

when other people came and were trying to get the people out, she moved close to them and said I was in that cars, they said she must be lying, she said that is my bible, this is my name, check the name on the bible. And you know what happened? She was reading her bible when the tyre burst and one word came out of her mouth… Jesus!

Is anybody here who needs Jesus, let me hear you shout the name, Jesus!
And his blood is available for you.

The Almighty God said there is somebody here tonight, He said as we approach the second half of the year, I will give you a breakthrough so big that you will know this can only be ME, and he asked me to tell you; 5o% is yours 50% belongs to him Leviticus 17 v 11 says the life of the animal is in the blood, the blood of Jesus Christ contains his life, it contains the life of the Almighty God and he says that blood is available for you. You cannot rid yourself of sin on your own, it is the blood that cleanses from all sins and in Revelation 12 v 11 the bible says that the only way to overcome Satan is by the blood of the lamb. That power that is in the blood of Jesus Christ will speak for somebody here tonight.

Am sure I have told you the story before, two important people, husband and wife, suddenly discovered that their money was disappearing, the wife thought the husband was taking her money, the husband thought that it was the wife steeling, his money, until one day, one confronted another and discover it is neither of the two, they came and said ‘sir in a way we can’t explain our money keep disappearing and the Lord inspire me to tell them, that from now on anywhere you keep your money cover it with the blood of Jesus , when the devil sees your money, he won’t be able to touch your money. That was the last time, they lost any money.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, it is not only you I am covering, am covering your children in the blood of the lamb, am covering your business in the blood of the lamb and you will be safe in Jesus name.

And he made available to us His word, that if you need help you can use my word, Psalm 119 v 89 says forever your word is settled. Ephesians 6 v 17 calls the word of God the sword of the spirit.

The word of God is like a spiritual sword use to fight against the devil
Thank you Father, the Lord says there is someone here tonight, he said I must remind you that he is the only one that you need and he said I will be with you.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said put your mind at rest, everything I promise you will come to past In Matthew 4 v 1 – 11 when the devil was going to test the Lord Jesus Christ, the only weapon that Jesus had was the word, he just kept on saying to the devil, it is written, and the devil cannot challenge what is written.

I am saying tonight: it is written and I am saying tonight, it is written: I will live I will not die and I will declare glory of God, I am saying it is written, I will be head, I will not be tail, I said am saying it is written; there is no weapon fashioned against that shall prosper, am saying it is written; the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. I am saying it is written, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

I remember the first time I went to America with my father in the Lord and four other people, we went to attend Kenneth Higgins camp meeting, we have never been there before, we knew nobody, they told us there is no accommodation and we wanted to go, so I told everybody let’s go, when we get there we will get accommodation.

If the worst get to the worst we will go and sleep in the police station, I said but it is written in my father’s house there are many mansion, if there are mansions waiting for me in heaven, there should be a room waiting for me in America. We got to Tulsa at the airport and we began to phone all the hotels at least one hour or more from the centers, they all kept on saying fully booked, suddenly it occur to me, if we get accommodation one hour from the centre and we had no cars, how are we going to get to the centers? I said they should try hotels that are nearest to the centre and phone them; tell them we are missionaries from Africa and we need a room.

They picked the phone and said yes we can give you a room, I said “asked them, are you sure you can’t give us two? They said ‘where do you say you come from? We are from Africa.

They said they will give us two, we arrived at the hotel and I said to them are you sure you can’t give us three rooms, and they gave us three rooms.

Everything you need in life to achieve your purpose in life shall be given to you tonight why? Because it is written my God shall supply my needs according to his Glory in Christ Jesus.

If you believe say amen!

What else has he made available for us? His wealth you remember I told you at the beginning that he is the possessor of heaven and earth Psalm 24 v 1 says the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof.

Haggai 2 v 8 says silver is mine, gold is mine. Matthew 17 v 24 – 27 said he can even use a fish to carry money in his mouth to deliver it to you. I have good news for somebody here tonight; every financial breakthrough that you are believing God for, you will get it this month in Jesus name.

I am telling this story of the benefit of those who are hearing it for the first time. I travelled to the east to go and preach, and as i was returning, at that time I was still a lecturer at the university of Lagos and as I was returning so that I can be back on time for my lectures on Monday.

I didn’t know there was fuel shortage, I got to Onitsha no fuel, I said no problem, I will get in Asaba no fuel, I got to Asaba no fuel, I said there will be fuel in Benin. I got to Benin no fuel, I said there is a depot in Ore, I will get fuel in Ore, I got to Ore no fuel.

By them my tank was reading reserve. Almighty God, what am I going to do? And he spoke to me clearly, “son, take your eyes off the gauge and drive on” And I drove on all the way from Ore to Surulere and when I packed In Surulere and I then looked at the gauge, It read empty, somebody said where do you get the oil to travel from? The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof, my father is the owner of all the oil that is under the ground, when his son needs a little bit to put in the tank, he can refine it within a second.

I am saying to someone here today, I don’t know how it is going to happen, but God will send help to you.

So he gave us something else, he gave us his prophet, okay you have use my name, you have use my blood, you have you use my word, how about you seeing my prophet? In 1 Samuel 3 v 19 the bible says he will not allow the word of his Prophet to fall to the ground. I know there prophets and there are prophets. I know there are many false prophets around the world, but like i have always said, anytime you see a counterfeit, there must be an original somewhere, when you find an original prophet, whatever he says to you, hold on to it because it will come to pass.

In 1 king 17 v 8 -16 the widow of Zarephath had only one meal left, the prophet of God said you just give it to me and for the rest of the famine you will not lack, the woman believed the prophet of God and the Almighty God backed the word of the prophet.

I will just tell you a story quickly, some of you had heard it before too. One of my sons came to Ilorin, when I got transfer to the university there and helped me to repair all the electrical problems in the house that was allocated to me. When he finished, and he wanted to return to Lagos, he asked me to pray for him, I said there is no need to pray for you, you are already blessed, God bless you that is all you need.

But I said ‘how much are you charging me for the work you have done’, he said ‘how can I charge you for anything, but I don’t have any money to take me back to Lagos, if you can just give me the money to take me to Lagos, that will be all.

I gave him the money to travel to Lagos, I backed it up with God bless you. he arrived at the park and as he was coming down he saw an old friend, he had come to escort somebody out of Lagos , they greeted; long time no see, where are you now? That one says I am working at Dodondon barrack, what are you doing? I am an electrician, come and see me tomorrow. To cut a long story short, one month after I say God bless you the one who could not get money to travel from Ilorin to Lagos bought a brand new car.

I am saying in the name of the Almighty God, GOD BLEES YOU!

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; he says as the raining season begins, your showers of blessings will begin.

The question now is who gets divine assistance? Because you see God is sovereign, he does as he please, Psalm 115 v 3 he says our God is in the heavens, he does as he pleases, he can decide to help and who not to help, but when we search the scriptures, we discover there are certain people who will always get his assistance, Proverb 8 v 17 he said I love them that love me, and they that seek me early shall find me.

When your friend needs help you help. Who gets his help? Psalm 50 v 14- 15 talks about those who come into his presence with thanksgiving, he talks about those who pays their vows, he said such people when they call on him in time of troubles he answers them. Who gets his assistance; surely not those who are robbing, surely not those who don’t honour him. Who gets his assistance, simply put; those who ask for it.

Jeremiah 33 v 3 he said call on me in the days of trouble and I will answer you, the bible says if you don’t ask you don’t get, why? He had helped somebody before who didn’t ask for help, when trouble came, that fellow said to God, did I ask you for help. You are the one who decided to help and that trouble now has come so you must be responsible. Genesis 3 v 9 -12 it was God who decide to give Adam a wife when the trouble came and God said Adam why have you done what I asked you not to do? He said the woman you gave me, I didn’t ask you for one, I didn’t say I need a wife, YOU gave me one.

That is where the trouble is, that is the time God made of his mind, that he will no longer assist anybody who didn’t ask for it. That is why I have hurried over the sermon tonight, because we are going to spend time asking him tonight, because I know he is going to answer us tonight.

How many of you are ready to cry to the Almighty God tonight, I promise you one more time, by the time the sun rise, somebody here is going to celebrate.

And this is why you must give your life to Jesus Isaiah 59 v 1-2 it said the hand of the Lord is not shortened, that he cannot safe, neither is his ear heavy that he cannot hear, he said but your iniquity have separated you between you and your God, that he will not hear, in other words; he is ready to help, but if your sin will not allow him to hear your cry, how can he help? If he doesn’t hear what you are asking for, maybe you are asking for the fruit of the womb, or you are asking for, healing, you are asking for promotion, you are asking for victory and he cannot hear what you are asking for, how can he release it to you, that is why you must give your life to Jesus because his blood will was ha away your sins and your prayer will no longer be hindered.

So if there is anyone here tonight, who is tired of the life of sin and you want God to answer your prayer, come and surrender your life to him, let his blood was h away your sin and watch as he begin to answer you prayer.

Those of you who want to give your life to Jesus, begin to come to the front, as you come begin to pray, ask the Almighty God to save your souls tonight, ask him to wash away your sins, tell him from tonight you will serve him say bye, bye to a life of sin and you will begin to live for Jesus Christ
Pray as you come, ask the Lord to save your soul, ask him to forgive you all your sins, promise him that you will serve him for the rest of your life …

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed, savior I want to thank you tonight, I want to thank you for this your children who are here, every sin they have ever committed, wash away in your blood in Jesus name, save their souls tonight in Jesus name, beginning from now, when they call on you answer them in Jesus name, you are the help of the helpless, help them in Jesus name.

The grace to serve you till the end, give to them from tonight in Jesus name. Don’t let them go back into the world, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Write down your prayer points we are going to pray for one hour…

1. Praise him for past miracles, for various assistances he has given you, you want to praise him, you want to say God I want to thank you for the way you help me when I was little, thank you for helping me when no one could help me, thank you for protecting me when I didn’t even know what is called danger.

2. Father, please take my hand and lead me on
3. Father, I have no power of my own; please don’t abandon me to my enemies.
4. Father, don’t let the storm of life sweep me away
5. Father, please uphold me so that I will never fall and I will never fail
6. Father, please turn me to a channel of blessings; help me so I can help others.
7. Father, before this month is over , let me become a living testimony
8. After this seven, anything you want to ask God, you can add to it…

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed, the Almighty God will grant your request, he will hold you by your hand and he will lead you on. He will not allow the enemy to prevail over you, the enemy will never discover your secret, the storm of life will never sweep you away, if there is any storm in your life tonight, it will be stilled in Jesus name.

The peace of God that passes all understanding shall be yours from now on, the Almighty God will uphold you, you will not fall, you will not fail, you will never know failure again, the Almighty God will turn you to a channel of blessing, he will help you so that you will be able to help others.

From now on, not only will you be able to carry your own burdens, you will be able to help others to carry their own burdens, before the end of this month, you will become a living testimony. Before the end of this month, you will sing how great is our God and that special request of your before the sun rises, shall become a testimony.

And all those who says it will not be so, it will be so in their presence, the God who deliver Daniel, will deliver you from your enemies, those who are expecting you to die, long after their death you will still be around.

Those of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, this will be your month, those who are believing God form promotion, he will accelerate your promotion in Jesus name, every obstacle o your progress, shall be destroyed today, it shall be well with me, the Almighty God will fight for you and you too you will serve the Lord, your joy shall be full , you will never know sorrow again, there will never be tragedy in your family again, very, very soon you will celebrate and I will celebrate with you and you will celebrate with me, in Jesus name we have prayed.

If you received that let me hear you say halleluiah!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye


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